Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. v. The Parish of Jefferson, and also, Morales v. The Parish of Jefferson and Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. and Falgoust v. The Parish of Jefferson and Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.


Here is the latest, and last, update regarding the above referenced litigation.


Settlement checks to class members have been mailed on Feb. 26, 2016, in accordance with the settlement approved by the court.You may see the court�s judgment as it relates to the fund available for distribution to the Falgoust and Morales classes here.Additionally, the court awarded attorneys fees and costs to class counsel.You may see that judgment here.


While the amount of the checks are substantially less than what was paid for the violations of the Jefferson Parish Redlight program, they are consistent with what was estimated in the Notice of Settlement.The members of the Falgoust class did not contest their notices of violation in court, and paid only the fines, while the members of the Morales class contested their notices of violations and paid court costs in addition to their fines. The amounts of the awards to both the Falgoust and Morales class members were found to fair and just, given the circumstances of the case, in the court�s final judgments approving the settlement and awarding attorneys fees and costs.


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